(tiny) Thrift Haul

It’d been a long time since I’d been thrifting. I’d subconciously laid it to rest for a while to focus on gathering some real closet staples, so this was a small haul. I was proud to have found that vintage piece that deems any thrift trip a true success story, but I was equally pleasantly surprised by the contemporary pieces that were another woman’s trash, my treasure, this time around.

I picked up these pieces up at a Salvation Army in Jersey City, New Jersey a few months ago, when the weather was far too cold to even imagine donning them. An impending trip to Arizona had me dig them back out today and I figured it was finally time to do this haul since I need to try on every outfit before I pack it anyway.

Unfortunately, I can’t recall how much I spent on these pieces, but I’m positive I didn’t spend over $5 on a single one. Here they are below, styled with additional pieces from my own closet.

Thrifted Top: Old Navy

This boat neck t-shirt is made of a think cotton material. It’s got a cute boxy fit, perfect for throwing on and running out the door. The blue and white stripe is a colorful classic.

Jeans: Reformation

Clogs: Nina Z

Thrifted Top: GAP

This peasant top is billowy in the best way. The light fabric has a lot of crisp body that in contrast with the gathering at the neckline, and along the sleeves and cuff make it a perfect modern victorian piece.

Jeans: Reformation

Shoes: About Arianne

Thrifted top: Vintage

This tank is a stretchy mock neck with a zipper closer in the back. According to this blog post by Sammy D. Vintage, the style of the label found on the side seam dates this top to between 1964 and 1973. I love mock necks and think the color and style of this piece makes it versatile.

Shorts: Conrado

Shoes: Birkenstock

Hat: Colorant

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