My latest eye candy collection is brought to you by the bed. The real irony here is, despite my cascading Pinterest boards on interior design inspiration, my own home is rather modest when it comes to curation.

My current bedding situation has taken the timeless yet risky “whites” approach. A perfect execution when it comes to spreading natural light and airy-ness about the room, but a harsh reminder of how much you still make messes.

I can’t deny that the bright whites work best in my west-facing apartment that just just barely gets hit by late afternoon sun. I’d tried a navy sheet, but it proved way to dark and drab compared to the pick-me-up my white sheets provided. And somehow, in lieu of all of the lighter light colors in the world, I’d decided to reverted back to whites for the foreseeable future, whilst dreaming of colorful linens.

I’d been drawn to the solid linen look for some time. Who can resist that large swath of richly muted tones and the color blocking madness that ensues when you begin to mix and match. Thanks to, @chasingthesummerfields on Instagram, for this perfect example of how to dress your bed in linen sheets – the right way:

But my Pinterest escapades have set me on a new course, away from solids and simplicity. I couldn’t resist the share, and I just can’t get enough.



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